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Custom Cabinetry - Designed - Built - Installed

The Design & Build Process

Having custom cabinetry built for you begins with my unique concepts and ideas for the cabinetry in your home.

My design drawings are presented to you, which we then review and fine tune in your home.

An agreement is formed based on the drawings. The agreement provides a description of the cabinetry, materials used, relevant details of installation, estimated price, and terms.

Upon confirmation, I then build your cabinetry using the best domestic material and European hardware. The cabinetry is then professionally sprayed with high quality finish.

Lastly, I install the finished product in your home.

For all your design and build needs.

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About Paul The Carpenter

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I have built and designed things ever since I was a child. I learned carpentry, drawing, and metal fabrication at a young age. I worked in factories using a variety of these skills, and often worked late designing and welding my own homemade exercise equipment. My desire to design and produce items for the home was born from necessity.

As a college student I collected furniture from second hand stores, then modified and redesigned it with a handsaw and screwdriver. After a time of making furniture in my apartment living room with only basic hand tools, I began renting shop space and produced custom cabinetry and furniture pieces for customers.

I have since designed and built my own carpentry shop from the ground up. In this space I am able to create in pure harmony and with the same passion that began in my apartment living room.

Dear Valued Customer,

Please contact me by email and provide the following information: what room you are renovating, purpose of the cabinetry, and your time frame for the project. I will respond so we can discuss things further.

Paul The Carpenter

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